New Camera: Fujifilm x70

With the way I shop, it feels like it’s Christmas everyday! No, but really, I should actually cut back a bit. So last week when I was at a department store shopping for my friend’s baby’s 2nd birthday, when there was a 25% sale on EVERYTHING (and of course naturally, I would casually stumble across a department store with discounts on everything – per usual … Continue reading New Camera: Fujifilm x70

Beginning of Jet Set Brunch & DYI Pot-Pourri

Hello happy readers! Welcome to Jet Set Brunch and I invite you to join me on my journey in discovering the best food and adventures around the world! This is my first ever post, and I was stuck on deciding what shall I write about first. So I’m taking things back, like way back, to 2013 to a quick DYI experiment with pot-pourri! I kept thinking … Continue reading Beginning of Jet Set Brunch & DYI Pot-Pourri