The Size of Your Clothes Matters vs. The Number on Your Scale

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, hear it loud and clear when I say why the size of your clothes matters versus the number on your scale! I bet everyone is confused and thinking ‘doesn’t that mean the same thing?’ the answer is NO, it doesn’t. So why is the size of your clothes is more important than the number of your scale? The number of … Continue reading The Size of Your Clothes Matters vs. The Number on Your Scale

Bikini Body Challenge (BBC)

Another 6 weeks, another post, right? LOL NO. All seriousness though, I’m such a terrible writer/blogger or whatever you want to call it, that my new year’s resolution is to keep my blog updated… and as you can tell so far totally failing considering its past mid year 😦 Also, which reminds me that I have yet to write and upload pictures of my trip … Continue reading Bikini Body Challenge (BBC)

My Weight Loss Journey (8 kg in 6 weeks)

9kg in 6 weeks Challenge accepted & ‘almost’ succeeded! (Disclaimer: This is a super super lengthy post about my weight loss journey and if you are struggling to keep some weight off then go on and continue reading.) Firstly, I just wanted to say that never in my life I thought losing 9 kilos in 6 weeks would be possible because that just seemed DIFFICULT … Continue reading My Weight Loss Journey (8 kg in 6 weeks)

Weekend in Kuala Lumpur

6 years. Can you believe it? It has been 6 long years since I last visited my second childhood place!! The last time I was there, I’m pretty sure I just finished high school and was about to head off to university in Melbourne. And oh how KL has definitely changed over the past 6 years! Bigger shopping malls, more innovative cafes and definitely more people. … Continue reading Weekend in Kuala Lumpur