Sunny Singapore!

About a week ago, I left Melbourne just after finishing up my last paper of my post graduate degree (here’s hoping everything goes well and I don’t ever have to think about university again!), and off to my first destination: Singapore! Btw, I started using my new camera, Fujifil x70, and I love it even more everyday! I decided to skip this year’s Halloween fiesta … Continue reading Sunny Singapore!

New Camera: Fujifilm x70

With the way I shop, it feels like it’s Christmas everyday! No, but really, I should actually cut back a bit. So last week when I was at a department store shopping for my friend’s baby’s 2nd birthday, when there was a 25% sale on EVERYTHING (and of course naturally, I would casually stumble across a department store with discounts on everything – per usual … Continue reading New Camera: Fujifilm x70


There are several Nobu restaurants all over the world but it’s hard to pick the best one when they are all so different. Nobu is one of the world’s most recognised Japanese fine dining restaurant and it is best known for its innovative new style Japanese fusion cuisine. Created by the one and only Chef Nobu Matsuhisa as he brings his own twist towards creating … Continue reading Nobu