The Size of Your Clothes Matters vs. The Number on Your Scale

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, hear it loud and clear when I say why the size of your clothes matters versus the number on your scale!

I bet everyone is confused and thinking ‘doesn’t that mean the same thing?’ the answer is NO, it doesn’t.

So why is the size of your clothes is more important than the number of your scale?

  • The number of your scale should not define you, nor should it tell you the size of your body and how it should be. A person can be AUS size 10 and weigh 62 kilograms and might look over weight, when in fact you might be considered average among the majority of people.
  • Weighing 65 kilos and 55 kilos and still being able to wear an AUS size 8. Wait. What?! Even the heavier person at 65 kilos is able to wear a size 8 shows that everyone’s bodies are different even though the weight on two people are so drastic, could just mean that having more muscle in a slender figure and still being able to fit in a size 8.
  • Everyone’s bodies are non identical, with different height and such. So it wouldn’t make sense to categorise something who is much taller to being ‘fatter’ if the number of the scale is larger than a smaller person’s number. It is proportional for a smaller/ shorter person to weigh less, especially with the amount of water they consume will be completely different, in comparison to a taller person.
  • Water weight. Legit, water actually weighs a lot, so you shouldn’t be too discouraged if your number is suddenly so much higher than the night before, it could be the amount of water consumed in a day. That’s why sauna’s were invented to detox any bad fluids or to get rid of water weight. I’m pretty sure we would all be less bloated and weighed less if we didn’t drink water, but that’s bad. So don’t do that, must drink water!
  • Being able to show weight loss in appearance by dropping in clothes sizes. I feel that the most effective way in telling how much weight has been lost. To go from a size 10 to a size 6 and suddenly there’s enough room for another leg in my pants is really amazing not just on me but for anyone as well. Just by looking at the scale, it’s harder to visualise how much 8 kilos is when there isn’t a ‘before’ hard evidence of an old shirt or pants to really show a difference.
  • Comparing both size and weight. AUS size 8 weighing 52 kilos vs. AUS size 6 weighing 54 kilos : Who do you think most likely goes to the gym frequently? The answer is AUS size 6! Even though this person is in a more smaller frame but his/her weight is heavier than the other, its most likely muscle weight.

You know when people say ‘age is just a number?’, I genuinely feel the same way when it comes to the number on your scale! It’s just a number people! And it shouldn’t tell you how to feel about your body, what’s important is what you do with that number and turn it into something that can make you feel even better! It’s definitely about looking good and feeling good in your own skin and (new) clothes than whatever number is on that scale!

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Happy Monday everyone! Be grateful, be generous and eat well!

Ling x

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