My Weight Loss Steps, Tips & Advice

If you read my previous post regarding my weight loss journey and was wondering, ‘well, how the hell did she manage to do that?’ Have no fear, Ling is here! And here are a few steps, tips and advice in how you can accomplish losing 5 to 9 kilos in 6 weeks (which is basically 1 kilo per week! If you work hard, of course :P)

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DIET (70%): Now diet is very very important, it’s basically the KEY to losing weight/ maintaining weight and what you want to do is:

  • Eat 5 meals per day, but little meals and only consume veggies and white/ lean meat (chicken breast, beef, turkey breast, salmon, and no canned meat like tuna etc.)
  • And within those meals you can replace them with protein shakes or green smoothies, and all that good healthy green stuff if you’re more looking for a liquid diet.
  • What you want to avoid to see quick progress are: SUGAR, OIL, FAT, ANY SEASONING (especially salt), ANY CARBS (like bread, pasta, rice, etc.), ANY DAIRY (cheese, milk, yoghurt, etc.), ALCOHOL and FRUITS (only green apples and kiwis are acceptable – so basically you’re living on a paleo or veggie diet.
  • Keep that consistent, and if you want to treat yourself just have 1-2 cheat meals once a day – so I picked Sunday (family day and rest day to indulge!)

EXERCISE (30%): Exercise is important too, but diet is what keeps your body clean and helps you to build energy, stamina and keeps you feeling fresh when you work out. And because I had lost a dramatic 8 – 9 kilos in a matter of 6 weeks, that meant not only did I have to stick to a super strict diet, but I had to increase my exercise every week.

  • Start off with 1 hour of high intensity cardio work out per day for 6 days, and also leave your body to rest for 1 whole day of no exercise to feel refreshed for the week after.
  • By the next week slowly increase to 2 hours of the same style of high intensity cardio work out, and so on and so forth.
  • Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to do with weights, but if you’re looking for that toned look then I totally suggest it! But start off with more high intensity workouts to burn body fat first BEFORE looking into weights to slowly tone your body!

All my exercises included all sorts of high intensity sports/ work out:
For arms: I did boxing, kick boxing, push ups, planks, sit ups for core, a little bit of pilates/ yoga for flexibility and weights like kettle bells.
For legs: I did spinning and LOTS of it and as well as running on the treadmill.
For the whole body: I did burpees (shit loads), cross fit circuits, other circuit training with weights, indoor boot camp (which was the worst because I could never keep up with such high intensity circuits in such a long period of time).


These are just a few steps I did along my journey and they got easier every week and I learned to change and adapt to my new lifestyle and I hope the rest of you guys reading this will do so as well! The time is now! I’m one step behind you, pushing you along the way to earning your body!

It’s a fitness journey of self-improvement that challenges mental and physical abilities, and don’t ever forget why you did this in the first place – have drive, discipline and determination!

Also, always remember to take care of your body, because it will do the same to you 🙂

Ling x

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