Shanghai Nights


Straight after Taiwan, we parted ways from my extended family. So sad. But my intermediate family continued onto Shanghai! This was my very first time in Shanghai and from the whispers and looks from Instagram especially, I knew I was really going to have a great time!

Since we felt that Taiwan was pretty hectic in terms of getting up every morning super early like at 7am and 8am and finishing our day by 11pm. We wanted to tone it down a little and to have more a relaxing holiday and spend just a few days in Shanghai, which included lots of eating and shopping, of course!

Day 1: Sofitel Hotel and Nan Jing Road shopping from East to West.


Sofitel Hotel is located in the heart of Nan Jing Road shopping district, and this district is very popular among the local people. It’s kind of the ‘Orchard Road’ of Singapore.


The food in Shanghai is amazing! So so much better than a few places that we’ve been to in Taiwan. I want to say that China food is just pretty damn good in general anyways.Β We picked a local eatery just around the corner from our hotel on Nan Jing Road, and we just HAD to try their local delicacies: vegetables, tofu, more drunken chicken and braised sweet and salty pork.

Day 2: Yu Yuan Garden, Jiang Nan Silk Museum, Confucius, Hi Tea, Jin Mao Sky Walk Observation Deck, Xin Tian Di Shopping: French Concession.


We started the day with a very very hectic schedule (there goes the ‘non-hectic’ holiday). Local breakfast was as satisfying as anywhere else around Shanghai: xiao long bao and noodles.

Yu Yuan Garden is similar to where rich people used to live especially royalty, it’s kind of like the Forbidden City in Beijing. And the pollution was absolutely terrible! Everywhere we went it was recommended to wear a face mask to prevent breathing in too much of the bad air. Bright side: only needed to do my upper face every morning. So, can’t complain!




The silk museum was very spontaneous since we need to get some cheong sums ready for the up coming Lunar New Year!



Another local place for lunch: meat and rice, noodles, pork chop, tofu and xiao long bao.


This temple was where Confucius went to school back many many thousands of years ago, even before Christ.dscf7057_zpsd4aazp5o


Chinese hi tea was so so cute. Instead of having cakes and scones, we would have nuts and fruits. It was very refreshing as in something very different from the typical style of Western hi tea!



Now, as many might know that I am terrified of heights so reaching up to the 88th floor my heart basically sank to my stomach. I just hate anything above the 20th floor, or anything or anyone that look like ants from above. It’s an unnecessary and irrational fear of mine that I am waiting to over come slowly.

This cute little area in Shanghai is called Xin Tian Di or as the foreigners call it the French Concession, which is the area where the French used to invade and now they have recently converted into a more Westernized area of Shanghai and also it’s where the ex patriots come to hang out, dine and shop! This district is filled with moderate to high end shops as well as Western restaurants.

Day 3: Food tour around Huaihai Road, Lillian Bakery, Xiang Yang Road shopping, The Bund and Lost Heaven.


Yet another hectic but very very fun day in Shanghai. What’s a best way to try the best food in Shanghai than to do a food tour, of course! We basically had just the best breakfast in Shanghai.




More shopping at Xiang Yang Road!


We took a short cruise on the Bund to have a look at the beautiful scenery of all the buildings and lights!





Dinner at the Lost Heaven along side from the Bund was very very good. The environment was romantic, I guess you can say that, or very badly lit. Honestly, I couldn’t even find the bathroom or look at myself in the mirror. That’s how bad the lighting was. Maybe someone forgot to pay for the electricity? lols. But other than that we wanted to try some aboriginal delicacies and it was fantastic! Highly recommend this restaurant! Just bring a torch light! Pork, chicken salad, vegetable pancake, eggplant with tomato sauce, and prawn with tomato sauce as well.


Day 4: Village tour and 91st floor dinner at Park Hyatt


A tour around this village with a gondola ride. I was most afraid of falling into the muddy river than the heavy rain. Clean water over dirty water any day!

Dinner was quite good on the 91st floor at Park Hyatt. But again, pretty pointless to have dinner so high up when there’s no visible view, when the air pollution is through the roof (like legit) could not see a damn thing!

The next day we packed up and was very happy to return home to a warmer climate, clean air and clear blue skies. All the things I take granted for, living in such a safe and happy environment such as Brunei. I will try to appreciate my home town more and more every day!


It’s so so good to be back home… for now!

Ling x

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