Long Story Short

I have not brunched for the LONGEST time and it almost feels foreign to me. I stumbled across this cute place via Instagram, and IG is where I get most of my brunch inspirations and places where I MUST try! (To be fair, sometimes I’m a little biased of the places I choose to dine at, and that I only pick the prettiest looking dishes over average looking food, I mean who wants to look at boring food, amirite?)

Most days, I start my mornings with a good ol’ green tea latte. Nothing feels better than a cup of green. And I quite enjoyed this matcha latte as I like mine heavy, creamy and smooth. Other places can be too diluted with milk and if I’m going to pay $4.50 for green tea powder and milk, I’m gonna want the whole lot in there!


My other alternative is a simple chai latte, that always goes so well with just a teaspoon of heavy. Also, I prefer mine with the grinded powder and not with the loose leaves because sometimes it was be too overpowering and you can basically taste a whole spice market in there.


My other friend had a berry smoothie with pistachios, now, I can’t say that combination is weird, but it surprisingly tasted pretty good.


Now moving onto the dishes! I had the corn fritters, sorry to say, there are more negatives than positives to this dish. The pros: I liked that each of the corn fritters had a decent amount of corn and it was crunchy and not too doughy. The cons: I hated the grains and beans that were under there, or shall I say gravel, because it really tasted like gravel. There were too many spices going on in there and it was way too much it really put me off this dish. That mayo around the corn fritters served no purpose, that also ruined this dish. What I could recommend is less gravel (beans) and more corn fritters. It was as if they were trying to make the dish look hearty and filling, but by adding all that crap to an almost perfectly good dish, it just ruined the presentation and the meal itself. Too much.



But the side of sausages and bacon were the true star behind this dish. Again, sad to say.


The soba noodles were great and quite big in portion size! Definitely a great alternative to something lighter and to introduce a taste of Asia. This dish is cold but with the spices and aroma, it really made this dish stand out from the rest. Something this simple can taste just as good without doing too much.


I mean just look at that! Isn’t that glorious? My other friend had the nutella pancakes and to me that just looked so delicious on its own but according to my friend there are a few suggestions she would like to make to the chef! Not being a food critique here, but sometimes it’s good to make comments so the business can improve. By no means are we shaming or insulting this cafe, we, as the customers, only want the best for Long Story Short and would want to come back for more. This dish has chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, chocolate ice cream, Tim Tams, and of course chocolate sauce. There’s a lot of chocolate in there. For me, I not a big sweet tooth kind of girl when it comes to sweet dishes as for my first meal of the day. I would definitely eat this after my savory meal of course. The only improvement I must say is the density of the pancakes, and everyone is different, but I love my pancakes soft and fluffy and not thick and chewy. But I guess these pancakes had to be thick and chewy in order to keep all that chocolate mess in place. What do you think?




I think this will be my last brunch place for the year as I’m heading off to Taiwan and Shanghai after this. So I guess I will have to be on a hiatus for a while because I won’t be able to write when I’m on a bus filled with family and no wifi (god, help me now). BUT I will definitely try to write more about my Christmas and New Years holiday in Taiwan after the new year!

Have a holly jolly Christmas and Happy New Year! I’m ready for 2017!

Long Story Short
40 Crockford St,
Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207.

Ling x

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