There’s a lot of expectations for Ezard. I heard by word of mouth and by ratings on the Internet that Ezard is one of the best places for fine dining in Melbourne. So I had to test that out myself, and the best judgement of food would always have to by personal experience and not by stories by others.

Ezard is a West meets East fusion restaurant, and we had the degustation eight course tasting menu, which comes with a hefty price of $165. Lighting wasn’t the best, so bear with me and my disappointing photos!

Japanese oyster shooters with yuzu, cucumber and apple ruinart blanc de blancs and champagne.


Cured swordfish, pickled cucumber and wasabi.


Steamed scallop dumpling in aromatic hot and sour broth.

Salad of black fig, air dried beef, house smoked ricotta, pickled otway shiitake and hazelnut dressing.


King salmon, puffed skin, golden broth and canary islands.


Pork belly, cherry and mustard glaze and pickled ginger.


Chinese style duck breast, taro dumplings, sichuan yellow bean dressing and Asian herb salad.



Eight score sher wagyu beef, smoked potato, ox tongue and cucumber pickle.


Watermelon sorbet


Dark chocolate sphere, tonka beans, chocolate mousse, sour cherry sorbet and chocolate soil.



My overall experience at Ezard I have to say was just average. I mean the presentation was very very good, and the taste is somewhat there, but apart from the Asian fusion delicacies, there isn’t anything extraordinary that left me shocked and wanting more. The only thing I’m shocked about was the bill. The best dish I would have to say was the pork belly, dessert and the fresh bread that came with the course.

But I would imagine from a place that was highly rated by food critiques and professionals in the food industry to be one of the best, and sadly, this wasn’t the best. I was quite disappointed with what Ezard had presented itself to be in my viewpoint. Not only were the dishes mediocre, but the the portions were way below fine dining portion standards. I left the restaurant feeling more hungry than I was when I entered. It’s no wonder the room was so badly lit, it’s to hide the extremely tiny portion sized dishes, in real lighting, I probably would need a magnifying glass!

Ezard was once in a life time kind of place, not because it was too expensive but because it’s a place I would come once and not spend any more money the next time, or not even come back at all.

I have yet to discover and to try more fine dining places around Melbourne and around the world. What’s next? I think I’ll try booking Attica 2 years in advance, hopefully I can save up by then!

Ling x

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