Cliff Jumping at Mount Martha


Now, this is something that I don’t do often – or more like not at all. This is very unlike me, I mean, I do enjoy the occasional upside down roller coaster here and there. But to completely jump above 4 or 5 meters and plunge into the open sea – is ridiculous but thrilling at the same time, which is what I did over 3 weeks ago.


To me, the words ‘cliff jumping’ translates into ‘come to die’. So taking the first steps to actually jump off was probably the most terrifying thing I had ever done. Let me lay this all out, so falling is NOT scary but jumping IS. What I enjoyed most about that day was that the sun was out blazing down on us at the same time it was super super hot like that kind of dry burning heat you get when its the middle of Summer. There was still a slight breeze, chilly at times. And what a great view with not a cloud in the sky and the bright clear blue ocean just staring back at you. What a great time to be alive!




Me and a couple of friends wanted a getaway, yet, not really leaving Melbourne, so why not take a road trip that wasn’t very far away? An adventurous 30 minute drive away from the city of Melbourne and we arrived at our Air BnB in Mornington, Frankston. It was a big house of 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, a swimming pool, a big living room that comes with a fireplace (SCORE) and a kitchen along with a BBQ grill, just perfect for 7 people.



Our trip involved a lot of alcohol, junk food, gossip, board games and fun! (I sound like an old lady when I wrote ‘fun’)


Here’s basically a short video clip of our Cliff Jumping time at Mount Martha that my friend made for her vlog.




My friends are the cutest.


We spent about a good solid 2 nights and 3 days in Frankston, and the best part isn’t just the company but the food that we all got to cook and help out, which made dinner more satisfying. There were sausages, steak, potato salad, etc. But knowing me, food sometimes comes first before photos! Lols

Beef patties for our burgers.


Caramelized onions, which we forgot to buy sugar, so we improvised with dessert wine and juice for the sweetness.


Sangria by yours truly.

Caesar salad.




It was such a refreshing trip to step away from the city once in a while and to enjoy the simple things in life, and some of them are free and quite thrilling. I live for cheap thrills. And I’m a person who is afraid of heights, like deathly afraid! So for me to jump even 2 meters is such a big step and improvement!

I’ve conquered the 5 meters jump, we’ll just have to see about the 8 meters jump next time!

Have a great Summer/ Winter everyone!

Ling x

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