Layover in Singapore

I’ve been super super busy ever since I came back from Beijing and then stayed in Melbourne for a month while I patiently awaited for my graduation ceremony in mid December.

Apologies for the long overdue posts! BUT I wanted to write about my one day in Singapore last month! And I promise to keep it short with lots of pictures!


My morning began with BRUNCH of course at Paddy Hills. It was quite good, very generous with the portions, and the environment was very lively and the interior was aesthetically pleasing – basically if you’re young and hip, this is a place for you. Did I mention the service was phenomenal as well?

Truffles fries at its best!


I had the squid ink tagliatelle and my friend had the black rice with pork.




I don’t often take buses, and not even in Melbourne, so this was an interesting experience!


My friend and I went to the Amoy Street Block Party, which is basically an outdoor event with food, music, dancing and a lot of alcohol!







And there’s this awesome American burger joint that just opened up you guys have to check it out!



Don’t you just love the airport? Especially when Christmas is just around the corner!


I’ll be back sooner than you think, Singapore! 🙂

Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road,
Singapore 118164

Ling x

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