Legit, Netflix and Chill!

Just arrived back home in Brunei and the first thing I do is take a lovely warm bubble bath with the bath tub essentials! When my bathroom and I are reunited after a long 4 months of being apart, it feels like a) nothing has changed with our relationship and b) it’s always a party when I’m back!

The must haves are bath bombs from Lush and a facial mask from The Faceshop of any sort, either its a cut out face mask or a mud mask. I prefer mud masks because I feel that it does the trick and it really really gets into your skin and you feel your face tighten, and it’s the closest feeling to having botox!


To really get that bubble bath going, I searched every where for bubble bath soap and couldn’t find any for ‘adults’ so for ‘babies’ it is! I feel children have the most fun. By the way, does my nail match my tiles or what! (Marble nails for life!)




I know, it doesn’t look very appealing at first…

But then, it gets better! More water and more bubbles, please!




And this is the legit definition of Netflix and chill! Currently watching ‘Back Off, Haters’ featuring the very talented Colleen Ballinger playing Miranda Sings from YouTube. It’s pretty funny, she makes me laugh.

I hope your week is as relaxing as mine!

Ling x

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