Sunny Singapore!

About a week ago, I left Melbourne just after finishing up my last paper of my post graduate degree (here’s hoping everything goes well and I don’t ever have to think about university again!), and off to my first destination: Singapore! Btw, I started using my new camera, Fujifil x70, and I love it even more everyday!


I decided to skip this year’s Halloween fiesta and travel to Singapore over night. Since I was a young child, I have always loved Singapore. And especially growing up in a country that’s so close to Singapore, travelling to and fro was never a hassle and it became a holiday ritual with my family. I find that every  time I’m in Singapore, it really does feel like the first time. It’s new, bustling and there’s always something to do. And I mean always.


Day 1: The Porcelain Hotel, Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, Wimi’s Coconut Ice cream and lots and lots of Sephora cosmetics


I checked into one of my favourite 3 star hotels in Singapore called The Porcelain Hotel. If you’re looking for a very reasonable hotel that is 3 minutes walking distance to the nearest MRT, then you’re really going to like this place! This is my second time staying at The Porcelain Hotel, and what I really like about the place is that it’s colourful and very different to other generic hotels over the world. I guess you can say that this is a boutique hotel. Overall, it was very clean and generous with the size of the bed, however, I would like to point out that staying in a busy area such as China Town, noise pollution is expected! For the value of $97 per day, which is the normal price for a backpacker’s hostel in Australia, I would say that the price is great for a 3 star hotel!


It’s a must for me and my family to dine at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, and a must to order the very well known Singaporean chili crab! There are plenty of other restaurants everywhere in Singapore that also have chili crab and other many delicacies, but I quite like Jumbo and it’s just right to my liking, it was eggy and spicy! Jumbo’s reputation is quite known for being very commercial that targets a lot of tourists (I am one of them: guilty as charged!)


Drunken prawns, bamboo clams, yam with scallop and chili crab with man tou (steamed and fried miniature bread rolls)






For dessert, my mum recommended some really good coconut ice cream with toppings, especially those you see on Instagram of people having some at the market in Thailand. This was a little taste of Thailand and it was delish! The flavour of the coconut was smooth and light, and I had mine with grass jelly, jack fruit and lychee.


Today, I died and went to Sephora heaven! You know what else died? My bank account…


Day 2: Fat Cow, National Gallery of Singapore and Marina Bay Sands (MBS)


Fat Cow has been on my list of places to dine for THE longest time! Fat Cow is a Japanese restaurant located underneath a medical center on Orchard road that wasn’t particularly hard to find. The environment was warm, elegant and calm. Me and my friend ordered the Fat Foa-gura Don, which is the set of foie gras with wagyu beef on rice that comes with a salad, soup, chawan mushi and honeycomb ice cream afterwards. The foie gras was perfectly cooked, the layer of skin was tough on the outside but moist and just melted in my mouth, however, the wagyu could have been cooked better as medium rare and not well done as it was way way too hard to chew and very dry inside.





I don’t think I can even get use to walking around in the humid heat in Singapore. My skin is just not adaptable to be exposed to the outside air of Asia (that sounds really pathetic, considering I was raised in Asia for 18 years!) Every step I take, my sweat from my forehead would just trickle down. Ugh, the humidity is annoying. So for most part of the afternoon, we walked for about 16 km in the heat and then it started to rain, like the day couldn’t get any stranger.


We had a bit of a stroll inside and around the National Gallery of Singapore, but we didn’t see much as it was almost closing time so we just took lots of #ootd pictures, my fav past time!

To cool off and to do a little more late night shopping, we went to Marina Bay Sands. It still looks the same to me from the first time I went and stayed at MBS a few years ago, but the view from above is magical and especially when you look at the building itself, it’s spectacular and very innovative.




Day 3: Bah Ku Teh, Orchard Road, Manicurious and Holland Village


Today was more of a laid back kind of day. I had lunch with my mum in some hidden Bah Ku Teh restaurant in Tiong Bahru station. I have no idea what the restaurant is called but I know it’s on the second floor towards the back of the mall with other restaurants. To be honest, all BKT restaurants tastes the same; the salt and pepper soup with pork ribs, the pig’s intestines, pork knuckle and a little bowl of bean curd. It was very tasty, but on hot days it’s best to stay indoors.

I had the afternoon to myself and the shopping to my self. A little me-time. I feel like every girl is not a woman yet until she has either dined by herself or shopped by herself! I managed to sneak in a few hours to do my nails at Manicurious around Esplanade station. It’s quite a hidden place, but very cosy, colourful and modern inside. And this beautiful quote by Audrey Hepburn, I totally agree with her 100%! The service was excellent, and the ladies that did my nails were very polite and friendly. If you have $$$ to splurge then this would be a place for you and your girl friends to enjoy! My total for gel mani and pedi came to $218. Yikes, just on nails right? I know, it’s such a luxury to have your nails painted nowadays.



I’m so upset that I forgot to take pictures of Holland Village because I left my camera at the hotel! Argh, well anyways I can just describe it. It’s a small district where there are a few restaurants, lots of bars and it’s basically a place where people come for happy hour and a place to chill with friends after a long day at work. $9 jugs of beer, I mean who wouldn’t want some? I had a cocktail and truffle tries (my beloved truffle fries!)

Day 4: Strangers’ Reunion, Llao Llao, Haji Lane, Pizzeria Mozza Restaurant and Club Street



My last full day in Singapore, I felt a little sad inside. I mean I love Singapore and at the same time it would suck to live here for many personal reasons: a) the humidity is ruining my skin and hair, b) there are just thousands people here that I feel so congested, c) I don’t think I could adapt to living in such a fast-pace country where it’s always busy and I’m the type of person that needs the best of both worlds: the fast and chill life style. I met up with my high school bestie, and he recommended a brunch cafe (my fav) called Strangers’ Reunion. It’s the sister brunch of Curious Palette, which I’ve been before and it really reminded me of home in Melbourne. It has the very artistic and minimalist style of environment, with big tables and spacious surroundings, and it’s something which I admire most about cafes.

Coffee tastes just like Melbourne’s. I’m impressed, Singapore! I ordered myself an iced passion fruit tea, because it’s hot and I’m trying to detox my body from caffeine. We both had the waffles with different flavours and toppings. Milo waffle with bananas and vanilla ice cream, and matcha waffle with red beans and vanilla ice cream. I love waffles more than french toast and pancakes, but I’m very very particular about the type of waffles – my fav are the thick ones that are crunchy on the outside but soft, moist and spongey on the inside. If the waffles are the thin kinds that look and tastes like biscuits, I’d cry.







We ordered a side of sweet potato chips, and it was surprisingly good! Crunchy and spicy, with a hint of lime – a weird combo, but it works!


My kind of frozen yogurt has to be both sweet and sour and Llao Llao just hits the spot for me! That cookie sauce is the shizz – I come back for that every time!


Haji Lane is known for its quaint environment, that gives a very hipster vibe! It’s so beautiful during the day, with all the shops around, the tourists and the graffiti. It’s quite a hidden gem that is close by to Arab street, that will transport you to India! Saw this little pug named Bebe, such a cutie.





Dinner at Pizzeria Mozza was a must! For those who don’t know, Pizzeria Mozza is owned by American celebrity chef, Mario Batali, and it is famous for its gourmet pizzas and signature pasta. But to be honest, after tasting a few dishes, I prefer the entrees over the mains. The chili and mushroom pizza was just average for me, it tasted nothing but just ordinary pizza and I don’t like my crust thin anyways. But the roasted potatoes and calamari was beyond amazing!

The ambiance of the restaurant was romantically lit, perfect for a first date or 100th date! Service was very good, speedy and friendly, and the pricing overall was not too bad as well. But booking is necessary if you want a guarantee confirmation of your seats as walk-ins could lead to around a 2 hour long wait.

Marina Bay Sands has a smoke and light show every evening around 8pm.



Too busy to take photos when I have a cocktail, or two in my hands! Club Street is just around the corner from the hotel in China Town and it’s great for late night drinks with friends and colleagues to celebrate the weekend! We went to a couple of bars around the area and my fav was Oxwell & Co, which was a roof top bar over looking the whole of Club Street. The drinks were great, I like something sweet and not very strong so it was just right for me. I HATED the service at Oxwell & Co. – so it took them half an hour to receive my change, I think they were hoping I’d would forget my change? Nah b****, I’m not leaving a $70 tip if that’s what they are thinking! Cray. But it does get busy usually from Wednesday to Saturday nights, because of Ladies night being on Wednesday. And hey, some places give out free cocktails to ladies, why not right? Sorry fellas!

I’ll be back soon Singapore to discover more hidden treasures and to try more delicious food! Until then, home awaits me!


The Porcelain Hotel 
48 Mosque Street, China Town,
Singapore, 059526.

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
30 Merchant Road, #01-01/02, Riverside Point,
Singapore, 058282.

321 Clementi Ave, #01-13,
Singapore, 129905.

Fat Cow
Camden Medical Center #01-01, 1 Orchard Boulevard,
Singapore, 248649.

41 Beach Road,
Singapore, 189680.

Stranger’s Reunion
35 Kampong Bahru Road,
Singapore, 169356.

Pizzeria Mozza Restaurant
10 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands,
Singapore, 248780.

Oxwell & Co.
5 Ann Siang Road,
Singapore, 069688.

Ling x

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