Bula, Fiji!

My first travel post and it’s quite an exciting adventure! I went on holiday to Fiji a while back after I turned 24 this year in July with my partner. We were contemplating between Bali and Fiji, but since we’re based in Melbourne it was most practical to travel to Fiji as it was only 5 hours away and plus its FIJI, how many people do you know that has been to Fiji before? Less than 5, I bet!


To summarise, because I don’t want to write tons and tons, but in total we were in Fiji for 11 days and 10 nights. First night we stayed in The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa on the main island of Denarau. We then took a small speed boat to our first island called Wayalailai and stayed at Wayalai Ecohaven Resort, then onto our second island called Naviti and stayed at Korovou Eco Tour Resort, and our last island called Nacula and stayed at Safe Landing Resort. For the last few days we headed back to the main island of Denarau and stayed at Hilton Fiji Beach Resort & Spa.

Day 1: The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa, Denarau Island


Day 2: Wayalai Ecohaven Resort, Wayalailai Island


The water was so clear and blue, you can see the fishes swim around! It was surreal!





These were the little huts that we stayed in during our stay. Small, cosy and very homey.

During the day, the sun was out and blazing – perfect for a swim or snorkel!




This was his little man hut. I love the exterior more than the interior because it looked like a genuine traditional home and I guess it was trying to replicate something like that with the straw roof and wooden door frames. I didn’t quite like the inside as it was mainly dim all the time because of the limited lighting. It was a bit run down from the looks of it.


Reading became a daily routine on a hammock that I learned to enjoy every day!

Day 4: Korovou Eco Tour Resort, Naviti Island



This ferry had aircon, wifi and snacks! It was my holy grail at times when I have become a cave woman on the islands. Civilisation for 2 hours max!


Being welcomed by the locals with their traditional song upon arrival. The locals were very friendly and talkative, they knew so much about hospitality and how to treat customers staying at the resort. And I love their native tongue, it almost sounds like Indonesian.


Kava is a local drink that has the equivalence of getting ‘high’, but it mostly smelt like ginseng and our throats would become super numb after the second bowl. Now, making Kava isn’t the most hygienic as they used mainly their hands and didn’t use any utensils.

Did I mention there was no wifi for 4 days on the island? I was on the verge of crying and attending some anger management class.




The sunset was red and beautiful and away from the noise and havoc! The water was motionless and oh so very calm – it was soothing for the soul. We stared at this for a good 20 minutes until it almost disappeared and made our way back to the resort.


More snorkeling in the Fijian sea. We did manage to find a Dory and Nemo here and there.



Swimming with the manta rays. Actually, more like 50 tourists chasing after the manta rays. Poor manta rays.


Day 6: Safe Landing Resort, Nacula Island


Coconut bowling with other tourists on the island. I was the worst one, not surprised.

Half baked and soaked in sea water on our way to see the caves on the speed boat. I love and miss the Fijian heat. Everyone else were smart enough to bring their GoPros and rucksacks, we on the other hand, brought our iPhones and suitcases. Definitely, not backpackers…




The caves were so beautiful but freezing cold! And we were eaten alive by the sea lice that hid on the side of the rocks underwater, it felt like ants munching on our skins – it was not pleasant!


A little sea water selfie for my fellow Snap Chatters. By the way, if you were wondering how I managed to use my phone in the water, I had the underwater very tough durable plastic cover for my phone. Best purchase ever at the gift store in The Atlantis, Dubai!



Sunset at Safe Landing on our last day on the island.




It was a fun experience of island hopping which took a total of 16 boat rides. Kind of got sick of boats after the 7th ride, to be honest. But exploring 4 different islands in Fiji was the most exciting part – we got to experience what the locals experience on a daily basis! While on the islands there were lots to see but not much things to actually do. Hence, most of the time during the day we would either be sun bathing, sleeping under the shade or reading or relaxing in a hammock. I read about 3 novels and 2 magazines in the span of 10 days and this is coming from a girl who can barely read! (I’m joking – I know my ABDs lols) Oh, and expect a lot of mosquitoes! So insect repellent, sun screen and facial mist spray are a must! But the best thing about Fiji in July is the weather, it’s chilly, breezy and not humid at all and the sun is always out!


Day 8: Hilton Fiji Beach Resort & Spa, Denarau Island




The highlight of the trip: Cloud 9 bar, which is a two-storey floating bar in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It was a pretty rad experience with cocktails, pizzas and swimming in the crystal clear ocean and plus, we both sunburned and tan lines to remember this by.



Outfit: I got my bikini from Seafolly Australia, my kimono from New Look and my sunnies from Gentle Monster.


Last sunny day at the pool at the Hilton hotel. I was feeling sad that we were leaving paradise soon and back to the cold in Melbourne. I want to stay like this forever.


Outfit: I got my bikini from Seafolly Australia as well, can’t remember where I got this kimono from and my sunnies are the same from Gentle Monster.


I used to go on island holidays when I was much younger, like at age 9 to 12, back in the day with my family to Phuket, Thailand and Sandakan, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. Recently, I’ve mostly forgotten what it feels like to feel the ocean breeze on my skin and to hear the sound of the beach at night. So this trip has been truly an inspiring holiday that opened my eyes to the beauty of nature again and what I have been missing over the years behind my technology.

Oh, definitely gotta have some of that local produce before heading back and I find the local money just the cutest, I love all the colours, it really looks like a kid’s painting.

I must say, the beautiful scenery is the perfect photo opp for amazing ootd pictures!


I’ll definitely miss the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore, the locals banging on their drums to signal meal times, the majestic acoustic Fijian singing, the chilly salt water breeze in my hair and of course the Kava (the locally grown plant used to make the liquid version of ‘weed’ for getting high!) And to most importantly remember to put down my laptop, tablet, phone and wifi once in a while to enjoy one of the most amazing and rewarding gifts of life!

It really is a beautiful world out there!

Until next time! Vinaka, Fiji!

*Bula = Hello
*Vinaka = Thank you

Ling x

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