Pesto Penne Pasta

For the longest time, I’ve always wanted to know how to make the perfect pesto penne pasta. And the best way to learn for me is by watching several YouTube videos. I’m not a fan of cherry tomatoes or any kind of tomatoes so ingredient was not added to my dish! However, I really do love spinach and I’ve tried a few pesto penne pasta in restaurants where they add the spinach in last so it gives the dish a real crunch along with the pasta – I don’t like that. I prefer everything cooked, soft and easily eaten with one utensil!

I should make an effort to document on how I make my dishes and recipes but I was way too eager to get it in my belly! (I will remember the next time!)



So with this recipe, I found it on YouTube by Tasty recipes called Chicken Pesto Pasta. And it’s one of my favourite cooking channels because its under a minute: its quick, easy and looks amazingly delicious! But with my own version, I’ve replaced the cherry tomatoes with spinach instead and used way too much parmesan than I should have but that’s just the way I like it!

Cheesy and easy! (lols, that was too cheesy)

Ling x

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