There are several Nobu restaurants all over the world but it’s hard to pick the best one when they are all so different. Nobu is one of the world’s most recognised Japanese fine dining restaurant and it is best known for its innovative new style Japanese fusion cuisine. Created by the one and only Chef Nobu Matsuhisa as he brings his own twist towards creating a unique dining experience that is Nobu.

One of my favourite meals at Nobu would definitely be lunch specials over dinner, of course. I’ve had dinner at Nobu several times before, but the lunch menu for me feels more different and more interesting compared to other Japanese fine dining restaurants. The lunch dishes come in a bento set that features all the best little gems from what Nobu can offer.

My favourite and most requested bento set would be the Nobu Deluxe Bento that includes:
Sashimi Salad with Jalapeño Dressing
Chef’s Selection of Assorted Sushi
Seafood Ceviche
Black Cod Miso
Crispy Soft Shell Crab Spicy Ponzu
Wagyu Beef with Teriyaki Sauce
Rice and Miso Soup
All for AUD$69.50


Now, if you’re not a huge fan of soft shell crab or wagyu there are other alternatives such as the most signature set of Nobu Signature Bento Box which contains:
Sashimi Salad with Matsuhisa Dressing
Chef’s Selection of Assorted Sushi
Seafood Ceviche
Black Cod Miso
Baby Tiger Prawns with Creamy Spicy
Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables with Spicy Garlic Sauce
Rice and Miso Soup
All for AUD$50

And there are the others which are much more simpler and cheaper, Hot Kitchen Bento, Matsuhisa Sushi Bento and Vegetarian Bento.


I must say, I enjoyed the black cod fish the most! It was so juicy, moist, slippery and very tangy filled with delicious Japanese teriyaki sauce. It was topped with ginger on top, and I found this after I ate the fish that you are meant to take a small bite of the ginger to help cleanse your palette before tasting the fish so you can have all the flavours circulating around your tongue. Well, I didn’t get that memo but it tastes just as good.


The soft shell crab spicy ponzu was nothing too special, tasted just like average spring rolls. But it was a good variation to have a different texture other than something soft and juicy on the plate.


I did not enjoy the cold salmon with jalapeno dressing, it was, well… cold and spicy. Just not my cup of tea. The flavours were too over powering but a good effort with the salmon it was beautifully cooked, I just wished there was another alternative to the choice of sauce.


Now, getting only my second favourite section, here is a close up of this gorgeous creature. The wagyu beef with teriyaki sauce. It was very tender to the touch, bright pink in the middle, full of flavour and with that sauce it gave quite a punch to my tasting palette – words can not even describe. However, if I may add, the portion could have been more generous. Afterall, this was one of the highlights of the bento box. The bite size side of rice  with the wagyu did do its magic of ‘I don’t really need to snack in between my next meal’. So that was just about right for me!



I probably saved the best for last, as I usually do anyways. This was definitely the highlight to my Nobu lunch! Bite size asahi beer ice cream with rice cakes and edible gold flakes, again, the portion could be more generous as I didn’t know it was so small that it was almost embarrassing to have to share this among 4 other people including myself! This was probably the best beer ice cream I have ever tasted! It really did taste like asahi. And the Nobu chocolate fondant with edible gold flakes and green tea ice cream. This is basically a dark chocolate cake that was very dense, very rich and gooey inside. The texture was very smooth and the overall taste was very delicious!

Isn’t she lovely?


8, Whiteman Street,
Southbank, VIC, 3006.

Ling x

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