View of the World: Vue de Monde

World-renowned head chef from Melbourne, Shannon Bennett, opens his third and latest restaurant, Vue de Monde, in the central business district of Melbourne. The French translation for view of the world is a clever play on words that perfectly describes in addition to not only experiencing the most fascinating dishes, but it also comes with the most spectacular view as well.

Bennett’s Vue de Monde is positioned on the top and on what was the observation deck of the Rialto is now the restaurant’s third move that holds an extraordinary 360-degree view of the city of Melbourne. The impressive restaurant that is located on the 55th floor is pursuing nothing less than to become a significant global competitor within the future of fine dining.

There are two dining options listed at this one of a kind restaurant but it comes with a price of amazing food and the expectation for the royal treatment. On the menu we have the a la carte, which is a four-course menu or the 10-course degustation menu. But if you think you don’t have time of four to five hours to spend on consuming the most exquisite dishes, then the seven or eight course options are available by the restaurant for you to experience.


Each dish served onto the table brings the execution of flawlessness in synchronisation that is elegant and sophisticated presented by its most charming and intuitive waiters and waitresses. With restaurant service that is of patience and perfection, it almost seems effortless.

As we were escorted to our table, I sat down and the first thing I noticed was the chic table settings and monochrome tablecloth. The cutleries were placed in nicely cut out elements of stone with matching stone plates, which looked very medieval with a twist of style. For a place that is as fancy and as astonishing as Vue de Monde, requesting for the 10-course degustation is a must and disappointment will not be expected!


Without giving away too much of Vue de Monde’s unique dishes, it’s best to leave some to the imagination of others for anticipation. From a selection of the best dishes, first up was the entrée of oysters with rhubarb, which was tangy in taste but smooth in texture, and followed by breaded quail eggs that were displayed to look like a real bird’s nest. The next dish was tuna that was so soft it cut like butter in contrast to the kale that was crunchy and that broke instantly with a mouthful.




After the few starters came an intricate dish that wasn’t on the menu, the hostess described this as a ‘palette cleanser dish’ that consists of liquid nitrogen over fresh flowers. We would need to pull up our sleeves for this part that involves of a little manual labor of crushing these petals with a pestle topped with a spoonful of sorbet.

Next, we dove into a dish filled with truffles and sea urchin that was delicate and moist with every bite that lingered onto our tongues. The abalone with hen’s yolk looked average, but tasted nothing below mediocre. The vibrant colour of the yolk contrasted with the crumbed abalone. For that fine dining steak experience, we had the David Blackmore wagyu with radish that was cooked at medium rare. Three words: soft, juicy and sinful. This was an excellent ending to the main course and now moving onto the most anticipated part and my ultimate favourite – dessert!




The range of dessert contains three different kinds from sweet to savoury, and with everything in between. The first thing was Vue de Monde’s signature chocolate soufflé. It was love at first bite. It was smooth, light and airy almost like marshmallow, and not overly sweet. Second was the trolley of assorted cheese with assorted crackers and jam for those who do not have a sweet tooth as big as mine. And the last were assorted dessert that consists of lamingtons, handmade caramel seashell chocolate, baby vanilla macaroons and menthol lollipops that are snap-frozen cherry candy to seal the whole deal.





And with that, our whole fine-dining experience at Vue de Monde was done in approximately five hours! We were given another short tour of the restaurant and bar on our way out. But before the night was over, Vue de Monde made sure we did not leave the restaurant with empty stomachs or empty-handed! Everyone was given a nice little surprise as a ‘next day’ and ‘come back soon’ package that includes hand-made tea, a loaf of brioche bread, a small pot of honey, assorted trail mix and hand-made chocolate chip cookies. It was a very lovely gesture that comes with an unforgettable dining experience at Vue de Monde.

Vue de Monde
Rialto Towers, 525 Collins Street,
Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Ling x

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